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Welcome to our Web Site
Our aims, objectives and Membership

Learning Igbo language


(1) Promotion of peace and Unity among members

(2) To help members who are in need.

(i.e. to help members get jobs or accomodations and other general informations).

(3) The general welfare of the members.

The membership of this association Nzuko ndi Igbo Brescia is optional.


Membership qualifications:

A member of this association shall be an Igbo man or woman.

He or she must be someone who has the Igbo sentiment and nationalism.

Having considered the complexity and the make-up of our society, we shall extend the membership by induction (by marriage or by birth).

Culture is the way of life of a people also the behaviour one shows which determines where he/she originates so we cannot run away from our culture, no matter where we are living. In Igboland, Iri ji (New Yam festival) marks the end of the famine and practically represents the begining of the period of harvest. The Igbos believe so much in destiny, in fact it is our believe that a good harvest is a blessing from the almighty God. Some people wrongly believe that Iri ji in Igboland is fetish. Please, let those people be informed that there is nothing fetish about it, rather it is a cultural festival in which we thank the creator of mankind who made it possible for a piece of yam buried will come out to be a complete food for mankind. Also it is a cultural festival just like the Italian sagra of pears, grapes, nocce etc. So if the western who brought this religion did not abolish theirs why should we abolish ours.